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Warning Signs That You May Need A Gas Line Repair in North Richland Hills

Gas Line Repair in North Richland Hills

How do I know if I have a gas leak?

Realizing there is a gas leak in your home is not as easy as you might think. Over the course of time, just like anything else in your home, your gas supply line can get damaged due to daily use. As a result, it is important to have the gas line repaired or perhaps even replaced. It is unfortunate that gas line warning signs are something most homeowners are not very knowledgeable about, but It is not their fault, as some of the signs are hidden and not easily noticed.

We have put together a quick list of warning signs to be on the lookout for, and should you notice any, you should call a Gas Line Plumber immediately.

As a homeowner in North Richland Hills, TX it is imperative that you practice not only regular routine maintenance on all the plumbing systems in your home but especially the gas lines on your property. This will reduce the chances of you needing emergency gas line replacement or gas line repair.


Warning Signs You May Need a Gas Line Repair


  1. Rusted Pipes

    Usually, Moisture is the culprit if you are experiencing rusted gas pipes. That being said, moisture shouldn’t be able to make its way onto the gas line in your home. But if it does happen to corrode your gas line, it can lead to severe damage.

    Some homeowners think corrosion is no big deal and will try to wipe away rust or corrosion from a gas line rather than having it repaired. However, It’s a good idea to have a plumber take a look at it before writing off rust or corrosion as a non-issue as it can eventually crack the pipe.

  2. Cracked Pipes

    If the gas line in your home is older, they are much more likely to cause issues than the lines in newer homes.

    Oftentimes, gas lines can start to crack simply because of old age. When they do, that slow gas leak can put both homes and their inhabitants at risk.

    Preventative maintenance goes a long way. Take a look at your gas line every now and then to see what kind of condition it’s in. If it’s starting to crack or if it’s so old that it looks like it could crack at any second, it’s one of the emergency warning signs your gas line is in dire need of repair.

  3. Hissing Sound Emanating From Pipes

    As we just mentioned, gas can leak through the tiniest crack in a pipe. The problem is that these cracks and holes can sometimes be tough to spot even if you’re looking right at a gas line.

    Even though you may not easily see the hole, you usually can hear it. The gas will make a slight hissing sound as it exits the line and enters the air in your home.

    If you ever hear this kind of hissing sound, shut the gas to your home off immediately, call the Gas Co, and a licensed gas line plumber right away, too, and schedule them to come out to service your gas line asap.

  4. House Plants and Flowers Dying

    Do you have a green thumb, know exactly the right way to whisper sweet nothings to make your greenery grow and flourish, water them regularly, and yet all of a sudden they are all wilting?

    Believe it or not, this could be yet another sign that your gas line needs repair. When the gas enters a home through a leaky gas line, it can kill off plants without any explanation.

  5. Utility Costs Through the Roof

    Are your utility bills running higher than normal? Did they use to be a lot lower than they are now and are they suddenly skyrocketing?

    Even the smallest gas leak in a home can result in rising utility costs. You’ll be using way more than gas than you realize when you have an issue with a gas line.

    It’s vital to contact a gas line plumber, not just the risk of putting you and your family in danger, a defective gas line can also cost you a small fortune the longer it exists.

  6. Have you been feeling Nausea, fatigue, or dizziness? Does it smell like rotten eggs in your home? Are houseplants dying?

    Gas line leaks can literally be making your family sick. If a gas pipe leak occurs in your home, this odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas may escape and inhibit your body’s ability to transport oxygen correctly, causing your brain and organs to shut down. Even mild exposure to the gas can render most adults ill within minutes and can be fatal within hours.

    Suspect a gas line leak? A gas line leak is potentially dangerous for your family and your house. If you notice this, turn off your gas, leave your home, and contact a professional immediately. Schrader Plumbing can check your home or business to ensure your gas line connects safely with no potential leak points. We will analyze your system to understand better whether a repair or new gas line installation is right for your home.

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