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Reasons Your Water Line Breaks?

broken water line
Broken Water Line

It can be the makings of a very bad day if you walk out the front door and see your yard flooding everywhere. If the underground water line throughout your home somehow springs a leak, your heart will sink in your chest.

What are some reasons that water lines break? Schrader Plumbing has noticed there can be a few main common reasons your water line might break and what you should do when it happens.


Freezing weather can cause your water line to break. The fluctuation of temperatures, even in the normally warm DFW area, can cause your water line pipes to shrink and retract which can lead to cracks. Pinhole cracks lead to bigger breaks and eventually, your water pipe can burst. There isn’t a lot you can do to prevent this- but you can wrap insulation around any exposed pipes.

Soil Conditions

Aside from conductivity, the overall condition of the soil for underground pipes can affect your pipes’ integrity. If the ground shifts, Pressure, movement, and tree roots can weaken a pipe over time and eventually leak.

Tree roots are attracted to the moisture inside your pipes. The roots seek out cracks and joints to enter. As they grow, they expand and put more pressure on underground pipes, weakening them. This can also be a problem in your sewer line.


Underground pipes encounter a variety of soil conditions. Conductive soil corrodes metal pipes. When this corrosion weakens the line to a certain point and your water line breaks outside your house, you may notice water pooling up in your yard.

All plumbing materials have a life expectancy. To ensure they meet that expectancy, your pipes require periodic maintenance and replacement. For external pipes, keep an eye out for excessive rust and corrosion. If you can head it off early, you may prevent a broken pipe. Have regular plumbing inspections and watch for signs of a leak:

  • Discolored water
  • Dirt in water line
  • Higher water bills
  • Lower water pressure
  • Pooled water in yard


Rust, Corrosion, or Tree roots can cause clogs when the pressure of water struggles to go past them over time. Eventually, your pipe will crack under the pressure.

Human Error

Pipes that were improperly installed will likely leak sooner. Local construction or landscaping can also cause pressure changes and vibrations that weaken underground pipes.

Water Line Breaks Inside House

Water lines can also break inside or beneath your home for many of the reasons noted above. An interior break can cause significant water and mold damage if not repaired immediately.

An underground leak aka slab leak can slowly seep through your home’s foundation and not only cause damage but pose serious health risks. If you notice dampness in your basement floor, or smell or see mold-Contact one of the Schrader Plumbing experts to have it checked out.

How to Fix a Main Water Line Break

Those are some of the many reasons your water line might break. Once it occurs, what’s most important isn’t why it happened but how you’re going to fix it. The Schrader Plumbing team is experienced in providing fast relief from all your water line breakage issues and other plumbing problems. Call today!

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By: Michelle Kurcina

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