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Sewer Line Repair Service

Problems with your Haltom City sewer line require a company with the experience to fix them. Schrader Plumbing has over 20 years in the sewer line repair and installation business.

Sewer Line Installation, Haltom City

Many Haltom City area homeowners never think about their sewer lines until there’s an issue. However, if you have a leak in the system you’re not aware of, your home can suffer thousands of dollars in property damage and you’ll pay through the nose in high water bills. Whether it’s a major or minor sewer line issue, you can trust the experts at Schrader Plumbing to fix the problem right the first time.

Signs Your Haltom City Home Needs a Sewer Line Repair

It’s not always easy to see problems with the underground sewer line, but below are some common signs that say you need to call a plumber for professional help.

  • SEWER ODORS – Sewer gas odor emanating from the drains is one of the most common signs that you have a leak or backup in your sewer line.
  • SLOW DRAINS – A slow drain may indicate a blockage in a particular pipe, but if you have multiple slow or clogged drains, it could be a blockage in the main sewer line.
  • CLOGS & BACKUPS – As with slow drains, a clog or backup in one pipe points to an obstruction in a single pipe; however, if you have multiple clogs, a blockage in the main sewer line is the likely culprit.
  • OVERLY LUSH AREAS ON LAWN – If you notice one spot of your lawn that’s more green and lush than the rest, it could be water seeping up from a leaking sewer line.
  • MOLD & MILDEW – When mold and mildew buildup in the house, there’s excess moisture, which may come from a broken sewer line.

If you notice any of the above issues, contact Schrader Plumbing for an inspection.

Sewer Line Leaks

A sewer leak on your drain line, or main sewer line, can be hard to detect and can also damage your property. Standing or ponding water from leaking sewer lines are also a health hazard and frequently go undiagnosed. Leaking drain pipes can also undermine your drain system and cause separations. Our plumbers often perform a dye test to pinpoint the source because the source of leaking water can be hard to detect. Commonly, pipes or water service lines are replaced, only to discover they were not the source of a leak. Surprisingly sewer water is not always dirty or discolored and often gets mistaken for a water supply line leak.

Leaking sewer lines inside your home can damage furniture, cabinets, floors, carpentry, and other valuable objects. Left unattended, leaking sewer water can lead to mold and much more serious structural damage.

Repairing vs. Replacing Sewer Lines

Repairing or replacing broken sewer lines is a headache most homeowners would like to avoid. Many times, the contractor must excavate portions of the yard or street to reach the line to effect repairs.

If you’re having issues with your sewer line, you may be tempted to repair it rather than replace it. Here are a few things to consider before you make your decision.

If the issue is small cracks or holes, you can get by with a repair to the damaged section. However, severe damage often means replacing the line. Also, consider the age and material of the line. If the pipe is over 50 years old, or made with galvanized metal, repairing it won’t do much good because it’s likely to fail again soon.

If you’re unsure which way to turn, call Schrader Plumbing and let us assess your sewer line issues and recommend the best course of action to fix it.

What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

Since every drain in your home connects to a main sewer line, when there’s trouble in that line, it affects your entire home’s plumbing system. Here are the most common reasons Haltom City sewer lines become damaged.

  • SOIL MOVEMENT – When soil moves or shifts, it can cause the line to jostle or sink, causing joints to fail and lines to leak.
  • CLOGS – When the pipe becomes clogged with grease, waste, food particles, and other debris, it creates excessive water pressure which leads to pipe ruptures.
  • CORROSION – Many Haltom City area homes still have the old galvanized lines installed back in the 50s, which means they’re prone to corroding and failing.

If you have need of a quality affordable plumber specializing in Sewer Lines in Haltom City Texas, call the professionals at Schrader Plumbing today. 817-262-0989

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